Steve Cook

2300 Airport Rd.

Dillon Montana




 28 years self-taught artist

4 years of training in welding, sheet metal fabrication and reading blue prints

23 years of construction experience with an emphasis in tile and stone installation, fabrication,

estimating and project management.


September 2009   Curtis Park  Sacramento CA  "Curtis Fest"

October 2009   Pence Galley  Davis CA  "Artist Studio Tour"

December 2009   Pence Gallery  Davis CA  "Holiday Market"

Dec. 2009 - January 2010   Blue Wing Gallery  Woodland CA  "Capay Valley Visions"

February 2010   Sacramento Fine Art Center   Carmichael CA    "Animal House"                                                      Juried Show Award:  Merit of Excellence   

March 2010   Blue Wing Gallery   Woodland CA  "Aces, Queens & Suicide Kings".                                        Juried Show Award: People's Choice 

March 2010   Oakwilde Ranch & Sculpture  Valley Springs CA "3rd Annual Spring Show"

April 2010   Blue Wing Gallery   Woodland CA "Tree Stories ll"

May 2010   Gallery 2110  Sacramento CA   "Art Happens"

June 2010   Women's Council of Realtors  Sacramento CA   "Sip n" Surf"

July 2010   Gallery 2110  Sacramento CA   "M.A.P. III The Unveiling of Mr. Pompous"

August 2010   Gallery 2110  Sacramento CA  "True Colors Exhibit"

October 2010   Gallery 2110  Sacramento CA  "Waltzing The Dog"

October 2010   High Hand Gallery Loomis CA   "Artstock 2010" 

January 2011   Gallery 2110  Sacramento CA  "Horse Power" 

March 2011   Gallery 2110  Sacramento CA    "Duck, Duck, Goose"

March 2011 Blue Wing Gallery  Woodland CA  "Horse Power in Motion"

March 2011   Oakwilde Sculpture Ranch  Valley Springs CA "4th AnnualSpring Show"                                                        Juried Show Award:  Most Humorous

May 2011   Gallery 2110  Sacramento CA   "Peddling Through The Color Spectrum"

August 2011   Sebastopol Center for the Arts  Sebastopol CA   "Assemblage / Collage"

September 2011   Gallery 2110   Sacramento CA  "Valley Sculpture Artist 14th annual show"                                               Juried Show Award: Don Herberholz Award

December 2011   Sebastopol Center for the Art  Sebastopol CA  "Members Show"

January 2011   Avenue 9 Gallery  Chico CA   "Snow Goose Festival"                                                                                            Juried Show Award : Commendation

February 2012   Gallery 2110   Sacramento CA  "Love of Letters"

March 2012   Oakwilde Sculpture Ranch   Valley Springs CA   "5th Annual Spring Show"

March 2012   Gallery 2110  Sacramento CA   "Human Voices"

June 2012   The Ruth Bancroft Gardens   "18th Annual Sculpture in the Garden"

  March 2013   Oakwilde Sculpture Ranch   Valley Springs CA "6th Annual Spring Show"

June 2013   The Ruth Bancroft Gardens  Walnut Creek CA  "19th Annual Sculpture in the Garden"                 Juried Show Award: Bancroft Honor

May 2015 The Dana Gallery Missoula MT    "4th Annual Icons of the West"                                                       Juried Show Award: Purchase Award

Art Commissions and Public Art:

May 2010

Mr. Pompous is a 40'peacock made from recycled metal.This sculpture was commissioned by M.A.P (Midtown Alley Project) as part of their ongoing efforts to enhance the alleys in midtown Sacramento. The sculpture is located in the alleyway behind 2110 K Street  Sacramento CA

 December 2010

Goode Res. Custom Peacock gate Vacaville CA

 March 2011

Prickly Pear is a 60' long sculpture of cactus.This sculpture was commissioned by M.A.P. (Midtown Alley Project ). The sculpture is located in the alleyway behind 2318 K Street  Sacramento CA

 July 2011 

   Low Man on the Totem Pole, Baad To the Bone, Eunice

Sunday's Stoll   Temporary Display by Art Works Downtown  San Rafael CA

 August 2011   

Gertie  This sculpture is installed at the Highlands Apartments Sacramento CA.This sculpture for Mutual Housing California 

 October 2011 

 Wong Res. Sculptures Buddha & Chairman Mao

 January 2012 

 Sunflowers  A bike rack sculpture commissioned by The New Era Community  Garden Sacramento CA

 February 2012 

   Andy Welcome to MARRS  The sculpture commissioned by Heller Pacific Company The sculpture is installed on the MARRS building 20th Street between J street and K street Sacramento CA

 April 2012 

 Driver Res. Coffee Time & Picking My Direction    Coffee table & end table

 Febuary 2013 

 Ella & Ellie, Berry, Robin, Violet,  Willow & Aunt Bee    These sculptures were commissioned by Mutual Housing California and are located at The New Harmony apartments in Davis CA

May 2016 

Vincent Van Goat & Tyson the Bison were added to the Montana Museum of Art & Culture permanent collection 

September 2016

Sullivan Res. Cabinet, 4 tables, Sculpture Redneck Fishing and Cattails

December 2016

Marsh Madness  This sculpture was commissioned by Mutual Housing California and is installed at Spring Lake apartments Woodland CA

March 2018

Bovine Bibliophile This sculpture is installed at The Bookstore 26 N. Idaho St. Dillon MT

April 2018

Paint Horse and Piano Bench These sculptures are installed at S.M.A.C. office 120 N.Montana St Dillon MT

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